Connecting with your Intuition

What does it mean to connect with your intuition? Intuition is a connection to a knowing that feels beyond rational explanation. It comes in many forms: through sight (clairvoyance), hearing (clairaudience), feeling/knowing (clairsentience), empathy, and a bodily knowing. Heeding your intuition is akin to being conscious of and listening to the wisdom of your instincts and your heart. It’s helpful to be clear on what your primary senses are in your day-to-day life. Do you find yourself being visually aware of or stimulated by the world? Do you instead focus on sounds or smells? Be mindful of these things as you go about your work and life, and take note. The word sensitivity is directly linked to the senses. Release any ideas that sensitivity is Continue reading Connecting with your Intuition

Are you Taking your Light for Granted?

Here’s something that came to me this morning, which feels significant right now as we continue to navigate some retrograde energies. It was given to me as a question: ‘Are you taking your light for granted?’ Here’s how the answer arrived: when I was in Portugal in 2013, I was given the understanding that I am an ‘anchor.’ I didn’t at the time know what it meant, exactly, but I knew it as clearly as I know I am alive. Life took a different turn later that year and I left behind a life that had become familiar, to begin a whole new adventure. With the clarity I have now, I can see that while on one level I thought housesitting was a safe option Continue reading Are you Taking your Light for Granted?