Honour your Process

Here’s a story about how my week went 🙂 There are a lot of changes happening, and lots of expansion. This is for me personally and as a collective. There’s also a big and beautiful Full Moon coming up this weekend, which is usually an extra-sensitive time for sensitive folks. All week I felt a little unsettled. It wasn’t really clear what was going on but there needed to be a shift. I used to resist this stuff, but that got me nowhere, so I let it lead me to what I needed. Wednesday afternoon, I knew I really needed to release something, so I looked through the available films here and it felt like War Horse was the one. As soon as the opening Continue reading Honour your Process

Expansion Follows the Squeeze

Holy releasing, Batman! This is some powerful moon energy. It feels like the last tendrils of whatever (we’ve believed) was holding us back are being gently stripped away. Don’t be afraid of your beautiful truth. The old stories were meant as jumping off points. Remember who you are at your shiny, magnificent core and unleash it. I feel deep grief and sorrow, and I’m letting it all go with the stories of who I feared I was/wasn’t. It’s peaceful and freeing and alive with potential. Expansion comes after the squeeze 🙂 Big, big Love, ~ Jenny <3

May Energy Update

I wanted to offer an energetic update today because I haven’t in a while. April’s Retrogrades asked me to deeply withdraw and I did. I know I’ve mentioned (repeatedly?) the fact that this is a one year in a new nine-year cycle, and that we are just disentangling or leaving behind the last tendrils of the last nine years. You may find yourself coming up against situations that are trying, that seem to be an extreme example of some of the stuff you thought you’d left behind. The sense I get is this: it’s like a final exam before we graduate. These challenges are offering us the opportunity to bring to bear all we’ve learned in the last nine-year cycle and put it into practice. Continue reading May Energy Update