Absolute Presence

There is no resistance in absolute presence. There can’t be, because it’s new in each moment. Resistance is a build up from past experience – like a memory or echo of a situation that has gone before, and left an imprint. By holding someone or something in a past state, the ability to respond to what actually IS, is impeded. It can result in stagnation and looping – as if the past is still active in the present. Presence is a moment by moment process. It allows for new truths to be built around currently existing facts and circumstances, without the echoes of the past creating resistance to the infinite potential in each new moment. Of course it’s tied in to letting go (one of Continue reading Absolute Presence

Clarity on Resistance

I’m having more clarity on the concept of resistance. Resistance can be a kind of passive thing, as well as active. What that means is that you may not be aware of resistance because it is on the other side of where you’re focussing. So, if you’re worried about something (not being able to pay a bill, or the way someone is behaving), the resistance is to the solution. The focus is the cause of the resistance, in a way. It’s as if the resistance is hidden from you because in your focus, you may think you’re not resisting the situation. Be aware in your focus whether your intention is to prevent something from happening (resistance) or whether you seek understanding. Understanding will always lead Continue reading Clarity on Resistance

Resistance, Dissonance, Defiance and Love

I’ve been working through some stuff on resistance lately, and now writing another chapter for the book. Every time I think it’s finished, it teaches me something new! I wanted to share with you some of the insights I’ve had over the past couple of days around the idea of resistance, and how it relates to dissonance, defiance and love. Okay, where to start… there are a few threads here… What is resistance? It has become clear that resistance is not love, or in other words, if something feels not like love, it is resistance to love. Even when we have celebrated resistance as a collective (for instance, resistance movements during wars) it is connected to the martyr side of the victim-martyr dynamic, which is Continue reading Resistance, Dissonance, Defiance and Love