Narcissism and The Patriarchy

This week a post I submitted to Rebelle Society just before Christmas (2016) has gone live. It’s called ‘Is Narcissism Inherent to the Patriarchy?‘ I love Rebelle Society and the writing on their site. It’s one of those places a year ago I wouldn’t have dared submit to. I felt I wasn’t a good enough writer, expressing the level of passion I saw on their pages. So, submitting and being published there shows me how far I’ve come in my own journey, which is always a nice gauge to have. (The post was actually written on 15 July, 2016, when an upsurge of this energy was active in the collective).   Big Love, ~ Jenny

Examining Default Settings

Something’s been getting clearer over the past couple of days around energetic ties to fear and other ‘default’ structures. We are ALL energetic beings, yet we have forgotten much of this truth, and what it means. We’ve learned to rationalize our existence and experience to the point that logical (ego) mind overrides our sense of knowing that comes from our innate connection to all that is. This takes me back a couple of months to the idea that some of the things we feel, on a daily basis, are habitual – like echoes of old patterns, beliefs, fears, etc. It’s as if these old ‘truths’ have become over time our default setting. The original insight, from October 5, 2015: ‘Sometimes the only thing we have Continue reading Examining Default Settings

Relationship begins Within

As we continue to shift, dissolving the structures around our 3D existence, new understandings of existing concepts will continue to emerge. Our language is rife with examples of limiting structures, in the words we use and the way we use them. Take for instance, the concept of ‘being in (a) relationship.’ If you are not currently paired with someone, you are said to be NOT in a relationship. However, that’s actually impossible because life IS a relationship with everything around us. It’s only through the dualistic understanding of ourselves as separate that we began to define everything around us as ways to control and contain our experience. The dissolution of the structures sees us returning to a state of broader connection with the state of Continue reading Relationship begins Within

Coffee Shop Ruminations

Here are some coffee shop ruminations from yesterday. I love sitting in coffee shops and hearing the hustle and bustle, watching people and contemplating existence. # 1 – The only true reality is the Source-point of unity – the structures we’ve chosen to define ourselves and our external reality are only (fear-based) constructs designed to give us ‘proof’ of our existence. In truth, existence, like love, isn’t based on external reflections of ourselves or our validity, but on internal alignment with the belief in our existence. In other words, without reflections of our existence would we cease to exist? It seems to me, the goal of conscious awakening is to simply exist without definition, without perception and reflection. As we accept the truth of our Continue reading Coffee Shop Ruminations