Connecting with your Intuition

What does it mean to connect with your intuition? Intuition is a connection to a knowing that feels beyond rational explanation. It comes in many forms: through sight (clairvoyance), hearing (clairaudience), feeling/knowing (clairsentience), empathy, and a bodily knowing. Heeding your intuition is akin to being conscious of and listening to the wisdom of your instincts and your heart. It’s helpful to be clear on what your primary senses are in your day-to-day life. Do you find yourself being visually aware of or stimulated by the world? Do you instead focus on sounds or smells? Be mindful of these things as you go about your work and life, and take note. The word sensitivity is directly linked to the senses. Release any ideas that sensitivity is Continue reading Connecting with your Intuition

Patience and Growth

I had some messages from the trees today, and wanted to share them with you. The process of growth is one of surrender – the action involved IS surrender. That may feel counterintuitive, because it doesn’t feel like an action from our 3rd Dimensional understanding of it. In a state of surrender, receptivity is enhanced and amplified, which results in organic growth that is aligned with all external factors. Take for instance, a year in which the climate and other factors are not ideal for a tree. It maintains and preserves its energy for its own growth, and produces fewer flowers, seeds or fruits. In years with perfect conditions, it might produce an abundance. Surrender is inherent in trust. To trust that you will intuitively Continue reading Patience and Growth

Trust the Bus you’re On

Happy Wednesday! Today I took the first bus that came along to see where it would take me, and had a magical adventure. I was thinking about that as a metaphor for life. Sometimes we accept the first ___ job, relationship, home, etc___ that comes along, and sometimes it doesn’t feel magical in this dimension. Sometimes it feels completely the opposite of magical, and takes some time to recover from. Our souls see each opportunity as a chance to try something out, and enjoy the ride EVERY time. Life always, always teaches us something, and our higher selves know how to find the gifts in every given situation. This also applies to us as a collective – sometimes we appear to be all riding one Continue reading Trust the Bus you’re On

Are you Taking your Light for Granted?

Here’s something that came to me this morning, which feels significant right now as we continue to navigate some retrograde energies. It was given to me as a question: ‘Are you taking your light for granted?’ Here’s how the answer arrived: when I was in Portugal in 2013, I was given the understanding that I am an ‘anchor.’ I didn’t at the time know what it meant, exactly, but I knew it as clearly as I know I am alive. Life took a different turn later that year and I left behind a life that had become familiar, to begin a whole new adventure. With the clarity I have now, I can see that while on one level I thought housesitting was a safe option Continue reading Are you Taking your Light for Granted?

May 2016 Full Moon Reading

It’s been a while since I teamed up with my inner child to do a reading, and today feels like the perfect day to do it.  Things have been getting pretty serious around here lately! There’s a Full Moon coming up this weekend (21 May, 2016 to be exact), so the intention is to draw on the cards to offer some advice to use the upcoming Full Moon energy. As I shuffled 2 cards popped out of the tarot, 2 out of the angel deck, and 1 out of the goddess deck. [The reading consists of 5 Cards and uses images from the following decks: 2 Tarot (The Lewellyn Tarot by Anna Marie-Ferguson); 2 Angel Cards (Healing with the Angels by Doreen Virtue); 1 Goddess Continue reading May 2016 Full Moon Reading