Denial and Defining our Reality

This video discusses the subtle difference beteen denial of a possibility and not accepting certain potentials in our reality. The difference lies in resistance or resonance. Only you can define your reality for you. The editing and sound are a bit funky in this one. The message still feels valid, so I left it as is. Big Love, ~ Jenny <3

The ABCs of Living in the Divine Feminine

Hello! This is my second video. While not what I expected (or planned?) to make, this kept nudging me. Who am I to resist? The Divine Feminine speaks in mysterious ways. I managed to find attributes for every letter of the alphabet, including X, which initally had me slightly stumped. If you’d like this in PDF format, feel free to download this: The ABCs of the Divine Feminine. Big Love, ~ Jenny <3

2014: Show up and Shine!

My first video! Offering insight into the energy for 2014 as it feels to me. How is being of service changing as we shift into a more feminine way of being? Power lies in the simple act of showing up. The path may not seem to be the one you ‘planned’ or hoped for. It may mean that you leave behind parts of your life that aren’t in resonance. There’s also a sense of ease to it – take the first step into what feels easy, and allow the rest to fall into place. Literally, show up, and shine. Big Love, ~ Jenny <3