Bold Steps

I hope you’re all enjoying the post-Full Moon energy. It feels like things are on track for some forward movement. We’ve done a LOT of clearing so far this year and the retrogrades helped us RE- a lot of things… re-think, re-do, re-iterate, re-lease, you get the picture. Today I was on fire. It seems like I’m getting clearer on the big picture, and every day take steps towards it. Today felt like a big one. I keep saying I want to expand my reach and be more visible, yet sometimes I get caught up in old fear stories. So today I did something out of my comfort zone and created a Patreon account. It took me hours to write up the about page, and Continue reading Bold Steps

March 2016 Visibility Challenge

This visibility challenge was an opportunity for me to commit to myself to show up every day, no matter what, to create a video. I had no particular ‘reason,’ other than to explore the vulnerability of being visible in more ways. When I first began, I had no idea what the topics would be, or if I’d have enough to cover the time I had committed to. Each day led to insights that offered potential topics for the next day, and so on. I enjoyed the process, and feel I gained a deeper sense of alignment through the daily explorations. I came to understand that being visible is not just an external experience. It is an integral experience that flows from deep within, expressing externally Continue reading March 2016 Visibility Challenge