Are you Taking your Light for Granted?

Here’s something that came to me this morning, which feels significant right now as we continue to navigate some retrograde energies. It was given to me as a question: ‘Are you taking your light for granted?’

Here’s how the answer arrived: when I was in Portugal in 2013, I was given the understanding that I am an ‘anchor.’ I didn’t at the time know what it meant, exactly, but I knew it as clearly as I know I am alive. Life took a different turn later that year and I left behind a life that had become familiar, to begin a whole new adventure.

With the clarity I have now, I can see that while on one level I thought housesitting was a safe option for me and a way to live while I healed, I can also see that I was placed where I needed to be placed in order to anchor the light where it was most needed.

Here’s where the question begins to make more sense: ‘Are you taking your light for granted?’ I hadn’t honoured that aspect of my journey because that work is taking place at levels that aren’t visible in this dimension. And it is happening non-stop, without my human-level awareness.

This is the work you are truly here to do – the multidimensional gifts you have that you don’t ‘control’ are contributing to the expansion of the collective consciousness ALL THE TIME. The healing you do on your own patterns and blocks raises the light vibration thousands of times over. If you are taking this for granted, you are undervaluing yourself. It is not the grand gestures and external successes that define your light quotient, that is inherent. If you do nothing else in a day, your presence is your contribution. Really, truly. Your presence is your present to the collective.

It is vital right now to honour that light within. Get clear on the idea that receiving is a way to celebrate the light you bring. Let yourself be open to allowing all good to come to you, and release any old paradigm strictures around earning or deserving.

Take a look at the last few years, especially since 2012, and see what perceived blocks in your life may have kept you in a situation that was designed for the highest good of the collective. Yes, you are that powerful. It’s time to claim that.

Big Love,
~ Jenny

Here’s India Arie singing ‘I am Light.’ Remember the message as you mow the lawn, brush your teeth or hang out with your pets.

(India Arie ‘I Am Light’ from YouTube)

(Later in the day…)

An after-thought/insight into my earlier post. This is of course part of the integration process. Often it comes in waves, where you feel the truth of it deep in your being and then it suddenly feels like a memory while the ‘reality’ of 3rd dimensional awareness takes over again. This one feels different – this one goes to 11.

Another post-insight insight: being the light you are is PURE JOY. It’s that simple.

Big Love,
~ Jenny

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