Telling New Stories

Housesitting here by the sea, it feels healing and revitalising. I was standing on the pebbly beach today, and a message came through about our stories/patterns.

Here’s how it was shown to me: Think of a handful of pebbles as a story. If you drop that handful back onto the beach, you won’t be able to replicate it again (unless you are purposely collecting it on a pristine surface). It seems we sometimes want to tell and retell old stories, and so we continue to pick up pebbles from that same stretch of beach, changing some of the elements and repeating some of them, over and over.

As long as we try to retell the same stories, to or about ourselves or others, we’re not allowing for the magic of change to show us the vast array of pebbles elsewhere on the beach.

To write a new story, you need a new handful of pebbles. You need the variety to show you different perspectives and to imagine the countless possibilities all the elements can create.

By all means, tell your story, with the intention of freeing you up to live new ones. As you add elements from your current experience, the old story loses its hold on you. The telling is not about ownership, but about freedom. The tides will come and go, and bring a fresh batch of pebbles. A constant reinvention.

As you’re writing anew, it’s exciting to pick up old familiar pebbles, because they will have a new meaning this time around. Patterns as maps to potential. ‘Look how far you’ve come!’ says one pebble. ‘Remember this beautiful moment that taught you so much?’ says another. While the memories may contain pain, they don’t define this moment, they enhance it.

Wishing you a magical day from the sea and me.

Big Love,
~ Jenny <3