The Big Picture

Okay, it’s getting clearer and clearer all the time… sometimes the big picture is SO much bigger than we could have imagined that we think we’ve lost sight of it somewhere along the way.

In fact, when you get glimpses of it, like you may be having now, everything begins to make sense. All the time you thought you’d taken a left turn instead of a right, or a step backwards instead of forwards, it turns out the dance looks awesome from the big picture view.

I didn’t understand where this work on the empath-narcissist dynamic was taking me, and I questioned whether I was way off course, but now I’m seeing it is all part of where I started, which is catharsis. It’s about stripping away the layers of separation, between our Selves and what keeps us tied to human/ego support structures, and the collective shift we’re all undergoing.

Humans are narcissistic when we see it from the perspective of Oneness, and it’s exactly as it is meant to be, until we begin to understand it isn’t. We as a collective are in a state of cognitive dissonance, disconnected from the magnificent truth of our wholeness, which is expansive, inclusive and pure love. The pain has become too much to bear, so the projections of our woundedness come out in multiple ways.

If we remain constricted by our smallness and the ways our hurts define us, we stay in cognitive dissonance. If we allow for the truth to filter into the deepest reaches of our being, we become conscious, and it’s not always easy to see where we’ve forgotten that truth. But it is perfect and divine, and filled with such ferocity of love and forgiveness that it feels easier than resistance.

So I see in my own life where the clarity is filtering in. It all fits, like pieces of a divine puzzle. It makes sense that the first book had to be put aside while I explored other parts of this dynamic, because it needs to be included in the book. The book wasn’t finished yet, and as much as I wanted it to be, the story wasn’t done. You can’t write an ending that hasn’t yet made itself known.

I wish I could say that every moment I had faith in my vision, and I know a deep part of me did, or I wouldn’t have kept going. I felt many times where my faith wavered and I questioned if I was where I needed to be. I felt fears and old beliefs trying to prove to me their validity. There were distractions along the way, and more situations that required my attention to heal, understand and clear.

Now, it’s all coming together, and I am where I am exactly in this moment because it is the right time for it to be clear. Sometimes I get a little ahead of myself, wanting to force something into being that isn’t quite ready yet.

I feel like I’m just getting started! Last year I felt like a rebirth was imminent, but maybe ‘forgot’ that before a rebirth, death is necessary. So into the darkness I went and stayed there until I found the key pieces to re-emerge.

Yowza! This one goes to 11. Magic is afoot.

Wishing you a day filled with clarity, ease and magic.

Big Love,
~ Jenny

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