The Power in Falling Apart

I am thrilled to share this interview with Angela Levesque at Health and Healing Radio. The description from the show’s page is as follows: This show is where science and spirituality merge. As a society today, we are suffering more than ever from diseases of lifestyle, it is time to ask ourselves why? To look beyond just the physical and understand how our mental, emotional, spiritual and energetic aspects interact to create health and healing. We will discuss the science and research being done in fields such as Mind/Body Medicine, Energy Medicine and other integrative disciplines. As well as explore facets of healing from all perspectives in complementary and alternative medicine.’

I invite you to listen to our interview. We discuss catharsis and the power in deep acceptance of ALL our ‘stuff:’
Listen to “Catharsis: The Power of Falling Apart with Jenny Griffin” on Spreaker.

Angela has interviewed a number of people over the years on a wide variety of subjects. The show’s guest list includes Lilou Mace, Dr. Eric Pearl, Don Miguel Ruiz and covers topics from Magick & Manifestation, to Quantum Leap Thinking, to Nutrition for Children with Special Needs. She is a beautiful interviewer and holds space for so much expansion.

Thank you to Angela for offering her space and energy to me for the hour we shared.

Big Love,
~ Jenny <3

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