The Rising Rage

The past couple of days I’ve noticed a rising sense of rage, connected to the feminine energy. It feels like a conscious reconnection to aspects of that power that have been held back for ages (millennia – ?). It is not necessarily easy, because it’s full-on, and powered by ancient knowledge that has been on some level forgotten.

I feel her screaming out I WILL NOT BEND, and she kept me up last night with a longer message that will be a blog post. It is TIME now, to allow her to come forth in anger, to call for a righting of the distortions that support or perpetuate structures built around the wounded ego.

It is time to allow her her FULL voice, no matter how frightening that may feel or how vulnerable it renders us. Rage is at the root of creation; the same fires burn through the acts of birth and death. We are needed. The Warriors of Light and holders of the Feminine flame. No more compromises, no more lies. It is time.

Honour your courage. Honour your faith. Honour the ways you’ve stayed true to your heart’s wisdom. Feel the rage and let it burn off any residual fear of being visible, of being heard, of being understood. Gather together in community and sing your rage to the Universe. Enough is enough.

Phew. This shit is getting real.


Big Love,
~ Jenny <3

* This feeling of rage led to the post I Will not Bend. *

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