There are No Victims

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Recently, there has been a huge upswell of compassion and outrage over the death of Cecil, an African lion shot by a trophy hunter.

This provides a beautiful opportunity for shifting our collective views around empowerment and victimhood.

Cecil, while an ‘animal’ in this incarnation, is a spiritual being as enormous as any other. As a collective we ALL have a role to play, and Cecil was every bit as much an agent as the hunter.

On a soul level, there is no difference between man and ‘beast’ or between hunter and hunted. We live, we breathe, we contribute to collective consciousness and evolution. Cecil is a powerhouse, and the evidence is in the aftermath of the events surrounding his death.

If we remove agency from Cecil, labelling him a passive victim of a heartless, ruthless human, we disempower him and the magnificence of his life and death.

We remove from him the capacity to stimulate a groundswell of compassionate energy that creates shifts in our collective thought processes and policy making.

We remove from him the potential to help us to grow.

We miss the act of Love that he and the hunter have given us.

If we instead see him as an agent, a powerful being whose last great gifts lie in the moments surrounding his death, we celebrate and honour his soul’s contributions. In death, he opened up a vast amount of compassion and indignation at the way we as humans have misused and mistreated our Earth-mates.

Cecil’s death caused people all over the world to question the act of trophy hunting and its effects on the whole.

It opened up opportunities for big businesses to get involved, as airlines stepped in and refused to transport hunting trophies.

Can we extend that compassion to the hunter? In his search for perceived power, he felt the need to use a man-made weapon to dominate and destroy another being. Cecil, in his divine wisdom, gave his life to show us the distortions inherent in that thinking. His choice to die at that moment and in that way, when the collective was ready to embrace this shift, illustrates the power in the experience.

One of our greatest teachers is The Earth herself. She is a sentient, vital and powerful being. It is important to recognise that the damage humans have wreaked on the planet would not be possible without her complicity. Do we honestly believe we have so much power over such an immense being that we can destroy her without her awareness?

There is nothing we as a collective do that has not already been agreed upon. Each aspect of the creative and destructive cycle is a piece of a divinely orchestrated dance which shifts us towards unconditional love. There are no mistakes, coincidences or victims!

By acknowledging and accepting the duality of our experience, we move ever closer to Oneness. By perpetuating the construct of victimhood, we continue to separate ourselves form one another and stay tied to distorted understandings of power that include domination and oppression.

Power (empowerment) is an internal force, driven by choice and the inherent understanding of Oneness (before we incarnate into this dimension and the experience of duality). The Earth, Cecil, and ALL beings have their role to play in this dance. Do not be mistaken in thinking that humankind has dominion over the world.

Acts of terror, war, natural disasters, murder, and other forms of aggressive dominance serve a purpose: to shift us towards other ways of treating one another, and ourselves. To open up the compassion in us that leads to true, lasting change. No more band-aid solutions or vengeance dressed up as protection.

The forces of the Divine Feminine have been rising and creating huge ripples through the collective consciousness over the past several years, and a rebalancing is underway.

As the Feminine rises, the Masculine steps up to meet her. Not the immature, distorted masculine that seeks to control,  destroy and subjugate, but a more mature, empowered version that wants to build beauty and magnificence alongside its Divine Complement.

There are no victims. We are all of the same essence – Love.

Big Love,
~ Jenny

2 Replies to “There are No Victims”

  1. According to me, the phrase ‘there are no victims’, is a spiritual bypass that makes it harder to allow the feeling of compassion (for others, for oneself) to arise in one’s heart. This statement also makes it ‘easier’ for the perpetuator to keep avoiding a feeling of remorse (which could be necessary in order to learn an important lessen).
    If there is/was no hurt caused, there wouldn’t be a need for compassion either. The experience of pain (feeling victimized) gives us the opportunity to learn what we VALUE as a human being, living on this planet. And that’s why I believe that hurt should be aknowledged for what it is, and not being bypassed in the name of a so called ‘spirituality’… Sometimes, the right (courageous) thing to do, is admitting that some things aren’t the right thing to do…
    And who knows, maybe a certain human being (the hunter) didn’t feel compassion for a certain animal (Cecil) because his soul wanted to experience a lack of compassion towards himself from ‘the world’? In that case, showing him compassion is the opposite of what he truly ‘needs’ in order for his soul to learn and grow…

    • Hi Tine, thank you so much for your thoughtful comment. I haven’t heard of the term spiritual bypass before but I think I understand what you’re suggesting.

      For me the ‘problem’ lies in the term victim. It has a weight attached to it that leans towards a disempowerment that is completely separate from the feelings of compassion or pain.

      Do we automatically feel victimised every time we feel pain? I agree that pain awakens us to great wisdom and to a much more rounded experience of human-ness. I don’t agree with the label of victim. I think pain and victimhood are not synonymous. I would never advocate bypassing the experience of pain, because it is at the crux of the work that I do to allow space for others to engage with and honour their pain as vital to their experience.

      The purpose and inspiration for this post was to tap into something that was flowing through me as I worked the earth in the garden. What was shown to me was that from a state of Oneness and unity, we are all complicit in every moment, a part of a divine dance that is beautifully, harmoniously orchestrated to shift us to higher levels of consciousness as a collective. From that perspective, the term victim doesn’t exist, because separation doesn’t exist. There is no perpetrator either, if we get technical, because there is no harm. So to translate that to this dimension is the tricky part.

      It actually occurs to me that seeing things as ‘spiritual bypass’ is tying ourselves to a collective limitation on what is and isn’t ‘true’ or ‘spiritual.’ Who coined the term ‘spiritual bypass’ and for what reason? Who defines for us how we experience spirituality, truth, compassion or humanity? Do we need to allow compassion to rise in our hearts, or is it just there, always, feeling the world around us and guiding how we engage with it? As each of us feels it, we express the truth through our hearts in whatever way feels most resonant.

      For me, the post was designed to point out Cecil’s incredible power in this experience, because as I felt into his energy, all I felt was strength, beauty and power. By giving him the label of victim, the enormity of his gifts to the collective felt diminished. That’s connected to the weight of the old structures around the language we use.

      Thank you for adding your voice to this topic, and allowing me to feel into this experience even more deeply.

      Big Love,
      ~ Jenny <3

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