Unlimited Choice

I’ve had some insights over the last couple of days that I wanted to share with you. It feels like they’re connected to the integration of the New, and how November plays into that.

I’ve been feeling into the idea of choice (again). August or September of last year, I wrote a number of insights on choice, and this takes it deeper, in a sense, and also adds a layer about choosing in the New energy.

Unlimited choice can feel daunting, because we have become habituated to limits and structures that have given us the illusion that our choices were limited. As we shift into and integrate the new energy, it’s not just that more choices become apparent, but it’s also that we can make more than one simultaneously that may at first appear to be contradictory. In the old, it was more linear – one choice leads to another, leads to another, etc. Now it feels more web-like, with the choices as influencing and affecting but not necessarily following after, if that makes sense.

So, in other words, if you’re feeling stagnation and wondering what the next steps are, it may be obvious that you need to make a choice… But there are so many, and so many things you’d like, that not choosing feels easier, because you CAN’T choose just one (or the other choices will no longer be viable…). That’s the way it worked in the Old.

It feels like choices can be made as ‘because of, not instead of.’ For instance, I’ve been really feeling like I want my own space AND want to spend more of my time travelling. At first it may seem like the two are contradictory but I realised that I want a home so that I can travel more, and have somewhere to come home to. In the past, I have moved frequently without having a home-base, and now I want both. And that’s OKAY!

You can desire and choose EVERYTHING you want, and follow the threads that lead you to the expression of your heart’s desires. You can choose more than one thing simultaneously, and then watch how the web weaves its magic. Look at your choices and find the ‘because ofs’ or ‘so that’s’ and not the ‘instead ofs.’

Happy choosing!

Big Love,
~ Jenny

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