A Visit from my Dad

I wanted to share with you an experience from yesterday. My Dad came for a visit.

This may not sound special, but he’s been dead for 35 years, so I love it when he makes his presence known. Sometimes it’s through dreams, sometimes through a general sense of his support, and other times, like yesterday, it was a whole-body experience. I felt hugged and then saw his face in my inner eye. He pointed me towards a memory, one of my favourites, that I hadn’t thought of in a while.

When I was first learning to ride my bike, he was teaching me by holding the back of the seat and getting me to pedal, and then would let go. I fell a lot.

One day after school, I was home alone and I went out in the back yard to try again. I tried, and fell, and tried, and fell. And then I did it! I rode around the garden.

I ran up to the house, even though I *knew* no one was home, and there he was, waiting to greet me at the back door. He had come home from work and was watching me through the kitchen window. He had witnessed my triumphant first ride and was so proud that I’d done it on my own.

I LOVE that memory. Yesterday it felt like such a beautiful confirmation that we have been given the tools to access the New; that we have NOT been abandoned here.

We are fledglings learning to fly, and we alone can take the final leap. We are drawing on all we’ve been taught and our guides and supporters are standing by, celebrating our efforts, our triumphs and our falls. They are lovingly offering their moral support as we take our first uneasy steps in this New world. They are watching us with deep and unwavering compassion and love as we expand into our most magnificent expressions.

Your cheering section is there with bells on. You are surrounded by immeasurable forces of Love. Don’t give up before you feel the joy of the freedom that is at your fingertips. Remember the feel of the wind in your hair, and the view of the world from above the treetops.


Big Love,
~ Jenny

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