The Walking Wounded

heartttYou don’t have to look too far to see the walking wounded; no farther than the mirror, really. I’m wounded, you’re wounded, we’re all wounded. That’s kind of the point of our existence.

We incarnate here to grow as souls, in whatever way we’ve decided suits our highest needs. Our individual growth contributes to the collective growth, expanding the vibration of the planet, clearing away some of the old paradigm distortions that have held us in this dimension for millennia.

Right now we have an opportunity to expand the consciousness of all of creation in a way that blasts us beyond any perceived limitations we may have accepted as the truth of our ‘reality.’ As each of us shifts the energetic blueprint of our individual reality, we move towards a vision of unbelievable potential in multi-dimensional consciousness.

Here’s where the wounds come in…

There are three threads that seem to want to be addressed – wounds, patterns and reflections. They’re all very much connected and work symbiotically to provide the greatest opportunities for growth.

The wounds we develop lead us to patterns that reflect to us our wounds. See, easy peasy (lemon squeezy). The hard part is conscious awareness, and it’s very much connected to the shift that’s taking place.

Our actions affect the collective, and each time we speak words of one intention and act in a way that goes against them, we add more to the heaviness that we’re trying to shift. It’s like some crazy cartoon scenario with someone at the back of the boat releasing the anchor only to have the guy in the front toss it casually over his shoulder, over and over again.

The patterns are gifts of a Divine nature, to alert us to the fact that we may be treading familiar ground. We can do these things over and over again, until we finally notice that there’s been a recurring pattern that has been trying to get us to address our deepest wounds. Once acknowledged, healing can begin.

The process of acknowledging our experiences, to ourselves (and others), is a way to access a deeper state of knowing, and to see the broader patterns/structures at work.

If we have an experience in our life that is bringing up resistance/dissonance in file301242059946some way, acknowledging it is the first step in the acceptance of everything as Divine.

All it is asking is to be seen for what it is – not claimed as the truth forever or added to the ego/mind reasons to continue beating yourself up.

Once acknowledged, it is surrendered into the deeper acceptance of the complete divinity of everything.

These patterns serve as a testing ground for how well we’ve embodied the learning from our previous experiences. Even after intense awakening experiences, we sometimes dive back in for another look at our deepest wounds. Think of this an opportunity to live into the wisdom gained through the earlier lessons, and a way to respond differently if old triggers or fears arise.

Here’s where the reflection part comes in. We are all mirrors for one another, and inter-personal relationships of every sort are the ideal testing ground for how we’re moving along that path to consciousness. Every time we are faced with something that causes us discomfort, we have the opportunity to ask ourselves what wound it may be uncovering. Or not.

If not, we remain unconscious and act accordingly, causing harm to ourselves and others along the way. From a higher perspective, although there is no such thing as ‘harm,’ in this dimension, our actions do have consequences that produce ripples. Once we know differently, the point is to make different choices. Not ‘better,’ or ‘worse,’ simply different.

So here’s how the cycle plays out (I’ll use an example from my own life). Eight years ago I had what I lovingly call ‘my catharsis.’ It involved a whole lot of grief and tears (here’s the link if you’d like to read about it), but its primary purpose was to show me where I had been living in accordance with my wounds and not my heart.

My pattern was always being attracted to (emotionally or otherwise) unavailable men – the less available the better. I cleared away some really deep stuff around this as I went through my sobby catharsis, and felt really strong and empowered as a result.

Then I was presented with an opportunity – a potential relationship. My red flags were triggered, I could see the signs pretty clearly and at first I resisted, but I eventually made the choice to give it a try.

He came on strong, declarations of deep love and a flirtatious, self-deprecating charm I thought was only for me (until I realised later it was a part of the persona he presented to the world).

He greeted me every day with ‘hello beautiful,’ and I thought it was so special (until I realised later that’s how he greets everyone).

We had a good connection – an ability to sit and talk for hours, we laughed a lot, enjoyed hikes and canoe trips – but we were quickly spiralling into a familiar pattern. I could feel it happening, and didn’t know then how to shift it.

We had a short break-up after about two months, and then we sat down to talk. He admitted he was scared because he saw how good we could be together, and I admitted I had fallen into old insecurities. So we decided to try again, but this time we’d approach it differently.

We did, at first, and we grew into a deeper sense of trust and safety with one another as we faced problems from the perspective of co-creating solutions. We started our journey together into spiritual exploration, and began to develop our intuitive gifts in a big way. We worked through a lot of healing on some incredibly deep levels, shifting with each other to accommodate the changes.

Then our financial situation tanked, and the slide into old patterns started to take root. We fell into a state of disempowered acceptance of our brokeness and stopped using the co-creative capacity we had to approach the situation differently. We found ourselves stagnating for years.

While in it, it was almost like living in a foggy dreamworld which started to lift after we split up. It was only then that I recognised I had dived head-first into another go-round with the pattern of unavailability, in an extreme way.

I also discovered this is not an opportunity to pathologise your mirror, it’s about recognising that your wounds, often themselves mirrors of older, previously addressed wounds, are asking for some Love. (Gimme the LOOOOOOVE!)

Why was I so willing to move further away from self-love and self-respect by staying so long in this relationship? In what ways was I not valuing myself that would cause me to tolerate situations that were far from comfortable? Why would I allow myself to lose sight of my own joy in favour of this connection? What did I feel was missing in me that he ‘filled that gap’? These were the questions my wounds asked of me, seeking answers, asking for acknowledgement.

If you do ‘go back’ into your old patterns, remember that it’s all a part of the Divine plan, and when you’ve jumped the hurdles to a clearer understanding, you’ll realise that you likely went even deeper. Any time you allow for more to be shifted from your own body-mind-spirit, you allow for the same to happen on a collective level. This is a huge gift for the upliftment of humanity.

Send humungous gratitude to your mirror, for the opportunity to come even further into alignment with the truth of who you are.

It’s like the philosophy of tantra, the spiritual tradition which in its originally-intended use, creates a unified space for intimate connection with the Divine. This means the complete acceptance and connection with all aspects of yourself, including your wounds and vulnerabilities.

It involves an awakening of all the chakric centres, the ultimate goal being to bring the energy out through the uppermost chakras, in unification with Source. It requires harnessing all your energies upwards with the goal of enhanced consciousness in mind. (There’s a great description of it here: Tantra)

This beautifully demonstrates the understanding throughout so many spiritual practices that our darkness and vulnerabilities are gifts to be explored and valued.

The more we can embrace and honour our wounds as divine opportunities for growth and expanded consciousness, the better we will feel. Integrating their wisdom brings us closer to feelings of ecstatic connection than any 3-D experience. And we will move ourselves and the collective much more quickly into and through the ascension process.

Allow your wounds to speak to you, not for you. Make decisions that align with your highest values, keeping in mind the ripple effect your actions have. If you know your actions will cause harm and yet continue on the path, you are allowing your wounds to drive.

In consciously accepting responsibility for your role a as vital piece of the collective puzzle, you find more joy than can be found in any temporary self-gratification. You find your divine truth, which you can then share with the world. That is a gift.

Big Love,
~ Jenny

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  1. Oh, the synchronicity in the timing of this article! This morning I posted in my FB forum:

    ‘Nobody escapes being wounded. We all are wounded people, whether physically, emotionally, mentally, or spiritually. The main question is not “How can we hide our wounds?” so we don’t have to be embarrassed, but “How can we put our woundedness in the service of others?” When our wounds cease to be a source of shame, and become a source of healing, we have become wounded healers.’ – Henri Nouwen

    So, today, Universe is speaking to me about wounds. I was going to say what if we treat our energetic wounds as wonderfully well as we do our physical wounds – gently cleaning them out, pouring in a bit of extra love and gratitude, carefully applying the right ointment and allowing them air to breathe, waiting patiently for them to heal and then proudly showing he scar as a reminder of an adventure. But, many don’t treat physical wounds with care, love and patience.

    For me, it is essential to not judge myself for what I am feeling (when the wound hurts) or for the patterns I notice/results of that patterning that might feel less than lovely – simply to observe for understanding and do the inner work to shift energy into something ‘more’ positive and peaceful.

    I *love* this: *Allow your wounds to speak to you, not for you.* Powerful. Thank you!
    Joy recently posted…When You Are Tumbled by Life’s WavesMy Profile

    • Thank you so much, lovely Joy!

      What a beautiful quote by Henri Nouwen – I’m going to add that to my quote list 🙂

      I agree, the moment of acknowledgement/observation opens up the space to shift the energy. It isn’t always ‘pleasant,’ but it brings the gifts hidden underneath the wounds, which is why they’re there in the first place. They’re all gifts.

      Thank you so much for your beautiful comment!

      Big Love,
      ~ Jenny

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