You are Light

I’ve been quiet as I spent last month writing, writing, writing. I’m now at a month-long housesit by the sea, enjoying the solitude and the sound of seagulls 🙂

Yesterday, while out for a walk, I stopped on the pebbly beach to enjoy the November sun and the way it reflected on the water.

I thanked the sun and the sky and the sea, and stood quietly, listening to the sounds of nature. Then there was a message, so pure and simple: ‘You are light. That is your only job.’

Just like the sun, what if the only thing we had to do each day was shine? No lists, no plans, no competition. Just being what and who we are, shiny and perfect in all our glory.

There’s a freedom and a fear in this idea. Does it mean you’ll never accomplish anything or have the things you’d hoped someday to have? No, it just means in trusting your capacity to be the light you are, all things become, in perfect timing.

The sun doesn’t set an agenda for when things bloom, it just shines. Magic.

Big Love,
~ Jenny <3