You can’t Seek Discovery

Discovery. I love that word. BLACK LOTUS

For me it evokes images of childlike awe and wonder, the delight we feel when it’s as if we’re the first ones ever in the history of the world to discover this thing/feeling/experience.

Finding is different, because the energy behind that word has a slight heaviness to it, connected to the seeking which leads to the finding. It can still be fun, as in the game of hide and seek, but it is not as spontaneous as the energy of discovery.

Wouldn’t the game be even more fun if we didn’t know we were playing, and we came across random friends hidden in secret places all throughout the day? I’d be giggling my head off constantly… That’s the energy of Discovery.

It’s what drives adventurers and scientists to dedicate their lives to a cause. It’s part of what makes living such an extraordinary joy – the potential for discovering something new, each and every moment…

Think of the times you’ve discovered something that was entirely new to you – did you feel like you alone knew the secret to its existence? Did it make you feel alive with the possibility of more amazing discoveries?

Discovery provides a freedom, in that it arrives more spontaneously, perhaps as an unexpected result of something else.

With the energy of seeking/finding, there can be fear attached: ‘what if I don’t find what I’m looking for?’ Or ‘what if what I’m looking for doesn’t give me the feeling of satisfaction I had hoped?’ Or ‘what if I don’t like what I find?’

With seeking/finding, we set out to seek because something has caused us to question what IS, and we want to find a solution or resolution. ‘Is my husband cheating? I’ll check his emails/receipts/texts, etc.’ That’s not discovery, that’s seeking and finding.

The heaviness comes from the knowledge that we fear what we’re looking for will be true, and if it is, we may not like it.

Discovery surprises us and allows us that opportunity to make a choice about how to respond, spontaneously, organically. It asks us to claim our power and make a choice based on that feeling of knowing something we hadn’t even imagined only moments before.

Whether the thing we discover has ‘positive’ or ‘negative’ connotations, the act of discovering it has provided us with freedom.

It has provided us with a chance to take that newfound knowledge and run with it, in whatever direction we choose.

It has provided us with a chance to accept what we find as an opportunity for growth and movement, towards something even more wonderful.

And from that first moment of discovery, we open up space for further revelations, as we dive deeper and deeper into the realm of discovering.

Give yourself the gift of discovery by releasing attachment to seeking.

When things show up, treat them as sacred rewards, there to offer you guidance, growth, or opportunity. Follow them where they lead, trusting that the path will be one of possibility and potential.

And forever remain open to the further wonderful discoveries you find along the way.

Big Love,
~ Jenny

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  1. You’ve captured beautifully the difference in energy between finding and discovering, and how they diverge from there. Leaving behind the fear truly is a doorway to freedom. Thank you for taking us on this journey into opening up and unfolding into so much more.

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