Zoom, Zoom, Cowabunga

Phew, there is an expansion happening, and it feels like a speeding up of time combined with access to the bigger picture all rolled into a Batman-esque KAPOW! Or as my inner child described it, Zoom, Zoom, Cowabunga!

Now the retreat energy from the end of March through to last week (-? perhaps longer for some) is rolling into this forward-motion. Did you get the chance to clear your energy in April and to understand the BIG lessons of the last nine-year cycle? Did you take time for self-care and rest?

It feels like the brakes are off now. As if the exams are almost over. Now how do you define yourself? Sometimes there’s a grieving as we shift from one definition of self to another. I know I always felt a bit grief/confusion after one phase of school ended and it was time to move to the next level. You feel like you’re meant to be someone entirely different only with one more level of education, and yet you feel like the same you inside.

This is where it’s time to test the new definitions out. After all the work we’ve done in the past few years, learning to embody more of our magic and expansiveness, what do you WANT to do? It may not be what you’ve been doing all this time. That’s where the expansion comes in. It may be a renewed interest in your passions or the things you’ve been quietly, gently nurturing. It may be added layers to the work you’re already doing. It will look different for all of us.

One thing that feels ‘new’ is a shift in the masculine energy. I’m not entirely sure what’s going on there, but it’s inevitable that this rebalancing is taking place because the feminine has been re-introducing herself for a while now.

Wishing you a magical and expansive ride!

Big Love,

~ Jenny

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